Ospreys Mid Wales

The Ospreys are Back!

Posted on May 15, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

Back in 2004 a nest platform was fastened to the top of a spruce tree near the Llyn Clywedog reservoir to encourage passing ospreys to stay and breed. For years there were no takers, but last spring – ten years after the platform was put up – a pair built their huge untidy nest on it and raised two young. This was very exciting for us and our B&B guests because the nest is less than 3 miles from Bron y Llys as the osprey flies, and the best viewing point is just under 4 miles walk (following Glyndwr’s Way) or about 10 minutes’ drive away.

So this spring we were hoping the pair would return and were delighted when they did, on 5th and 6th of April. Although ospreys usually mate for life they spend the winter apart in West Africa, so timing their arrival at the nest to coincide so closely is pretty impressive! On 20th April we saw the pair mating, and by 26th the female was incubating her first egg. No one knows how many she’s laid (a typical clutch is 2-3) but incubation begins with the first. This means – all being well – we can expect the young to start hatching at the end of May. June and July will be good months to see the male bringing fish to the nest – we had some excellent views last year. Although Llyn Clywedog is well-stocked with fish the ospreys sometimes hunt further afield, and one afternoon in April, we were having a tea break in the garden, when an osprey flew over!

Another pair of ospreys is nesting at Cors Dyfi near Machynlleth, home of the Dyfi Osprey Project. They are known to have 3 eggs and their chicks should also hatch around the end of May. Ospreys have nested there since 2012 and have featured on the BBC’s Autumnwatch. There are only a handful of pairs nesting in Wales so we feel very privileged to have two pairs within easy reach.