Season of mists

Posted on September 19, 2015 · Posted in News

Summer is beginning to merge into autumn here in the Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales. For some weeks now the mountain ash has had deep red berries and other trees are showing signs of autumnal colour. At sunrise the Dylife Gorge brims over with white mist. The webs of hammock spiders are silvered with dew every morning. The last of the swallows left us this week, and I’ve seen no wheatears since the 10th. The willow warblers that fill our valley with song in spring and summer have been replaced by a few migrating chiffchaffs.

But on the moors summer lingers on in bright tangles of tormentil, ling, bell heather and gorse. The lane to Bron y Llys is still bordered by harebells, ragwort and birdsfoot trefoil. In the light of a low sun the slopes glow with colour. These are days of great beauty and stillness and many nights have been crystal clear, giving our B&B guests superb views of the Milky Way.