News from Bron y Llys

Posted on December 7, 2012 · Posted in News

Saturday 19 January 2013

22cm of snow fell yesterday.  Inside we were very snug – with the Aga warming the kitchen and the wood burner blazing all day.  There is something about being marooned by snow which creates an urge to cook so made 10 jars of Seville marmalade, with the organic Sevilles we had bought in Llanidloes before the snow came.

There is a constant flurry of birds at the feeders – robins, chaffinches, greenfinches, tits, sparrows and Wally, the male great spotted woodpecker.   Whenever Wally is on the fat block or peanuts, the other birds keep a respectful distance though, occasionally, a particularly brave blue tit will attempt to cling on to the other side of feeder. Wally does not seem to mind the smaller birds, but will vigorously chase away any other great spotted, male or female.  It seems a shame that he has colonised the garden – maybe if we put up another feeder on the other side of the garden we may tempt the other great spotteds to come as Wally cannot possibly patrol the whole garden.

Walked up the track and along the mountain road towards Glaslyn this afternoon.  The snow has drifted to about four feet with the tops of the fence posts peeping out of the top.  Along the mountain we found a Norbert Dentressangle lorry which must have been abandoned as the weather worsened on Friday and a set of footprints leading down the mountain road.  An artic in the arctic.