Garden & Cabin

Bron y Llys is 1400ft above sea level so gardening here is both challenging and surprising. The garden is about an acre, some of it on a fairly steep hillside. There is a more formal garden with lawns, fruit trees and herbaceous flowerbeds near the house, a large sunny courtyard with raised beds for herbs and vegetables, and a wilder wooded area. It is a garden “in the making” and one that we want to be a bit wild so it does not look tidy or perfect. There are a number of places to sit around the garden and a swing seat and hammock to relax in.

At the top of the garden, we have a wooden cabin which is simply furnished with a daybed and chairs, blankets and cushions, lighting, heating and tea and coffee making facilities. It is a lovely, peaceful place with wonderful views over the hills. It is a perfect place to curl up with a book, do a spot of bird watching or painting, daydream or contemplate.

We are happy for guests to wander all over – there are no private areas – and we welcome any advice and offers to dig, prune or plant – we need all the help we can get!

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