Birds and other wildlife

This is a wonderful area for birds and wildlife.

We have seen nearly 80 species of birds in or from the garden of Bron y Llys, with over twenty visiting our feeding areas. In summer redstarts, grey wagtails and willow warblers breed in the mixed habitats adjacent to the garden, and the surrounding moorland provides nest sites for wheatears, stonechats, whinchats, meadow pipits, skylarks and pied wagtails. Winter can bring woodcock to the wilder part of the garden and crossbills are occasional visitors at any time of year. Eight species of birds of prey can be seen in the area, many of them throughout the year. Ravens are a common sight overhead.

John is a keen birdwatcher and amateur naturalist. We offer guided birding walks, and each spring you can join us on a dawn chorus walk when John will help you identify birds by their song.

Frogs, toads and newts breed in our pond, which also attracts assorted dragonflies and damselflies in the summer. The garden is visited by woodmice, voles, hares, rabbits, weasels, stoats, badgers and foxes, and the surrounding moors and woods provide habitat for polecats. In spring 2014 we even had a female brown hare suckling her 3 leverets in the car park at dusk each day! On warm summer evenings Pipistrelle and Natterer’s bats hunt insects overhead. Eleven species of butterflies can also be seen in the garden, which we aim to make increasingly attractive to wildlife as time goes on.

The lakes of Glaslyn and Bugeilyn (both Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves) are within walking distance of the house. The large reservoir Llyn Clywedog is a four mile walk via Glyndwr’s Way, or a 15 minute drive. In 2014 a pair of ospreys nested there for the first time and raised two young. Ospreys have returned and nested successfully in both 2015 and 2016. The nest can easily be watched from a minor road by the lake. Further afield, ospreys have nested at Cors Dyfi since 2011 and can be seen from April to August by visiting the Dyfi Osprey Project, about 30 minutes drive away on the A487. Three miles further along is the RSPB reserve at Ynys-hir, featured on the BBC’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

Dolphins, porpoises and seals can be seen off the coast near Aberystwyth (40 minutes drive) and you can also see choughs on the cliffs and gannets and shearwaters out to sea.

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